Work Samples

Diva: Her Life Through Her Art

Video biography clip. This story is narrated by Diva’s daughter. Diva spent her early life on an isolated cattle farm in an arid inland area of Bahia Brazil. In her adult years, she became a successful and prolific painter in the beautiful coastal city of Salvador Bahia. Complete video runs 30 minutes.

Reclaiming a Forgotten Family Heritage—clip 1

A Mexican-American family discovers their ancestral roots. This 90-minute documentary includes biographies of two historic individuals who played a major role in the development and destiny of California during the 19th Century. Clip 1 is the introduction.

Reclaiming a Forgotten Family Heritage—clip 2

Traveling to a California research library, the family documents their discoveries. In video, they capture a moment of recognition that will forever expand their sense of personal identity.

Reclaiming a Forgotten Family Heritage—clip 3

This is the introduction to the first biography of a famous ancestor.

The Buena Vista Reptile Lounge Book Trailer

This is a sample book trailer for a proposed crowdfunding project. The story came out of my love for the desert and the rich cultural traditions that give Tucson Arizona its colorful personality. My intention was to create a fun and educational story for young people that imparts respect for the natural world and ignites the imagination.

Chana Fels: Her Journey Remembered

Clip from a WWII documentary that contains family and archival photos. After Sarah’s husband and son are deported to a death camp in Poland, she embarks upon a dangerous journey through a waking nightmare to save her teenage daughter, Chana. Narrated by Chana’s son, this clip describes family life just before the German occupation began. Complete video runs 45 minutes.

Photo editing sample

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