For Personal or Professional Use


This is the easiest way to preserve photographic memories. Personal photos are scanned, edited, and chronologically or thematically sequenced on a disc with titles and transitions.


Photomontage DVDs commemorate weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, memorials, or other life passages. Personal photos, documents, or other images are scanned, edited, and layered with music, titles, transitions, and video effects.


Personal histories can be customized in a variety of formats:

  • memoirs—collections of personal memories, moments, or events
  • concise biographical sketches
  • detailed personal and family histories

All formats can contain scanned and edited personal photos and videos, family documents, video effects, transitions, titles, credits, musical soundtracks, and video narratives or scripted voiceovers crafted through interviewing.


Personalized content is expressed in a visual story. Powerful images and authentic words build trust, awareness, and create closer connections between you and the consumers.

  • video profiles for websites, social media, blogs, or live presentations
  • book trailers that draw attention to new publications

All are available in DVD and electronic formats.

SunStory Video offers flexible prices with customized rates and will work with you to develop a project to meet your budget.

Contact  SunStory Video for a price list and more detailed information.

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