Meet Pamela

I’m Pamela Asherah and I live in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Tucson Arizona. Since my early childhood in New York City, stories have played a role in shaping the way I see and understand other people and the world around me. As the daughter of immigrants, I was fascinated by my parents’ old world photos and family stories. My mother had a way with words that painted vivid pictures from her Ukrainian past and her storytelling nourished my love of words and drama. I earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Arizona and have a background in creative writing, scriptwriting, theater and  dance. I also implemented and coordinated children’s expressive arts programs for an underserved population in Tucson.

Digital Age of Story

In our fast-paced digital world, storytelling is a lost art and many of us are too busy to remember the important stories that give our lives meaning and remind us of where we come from. But now that storytelling is making an exciting electronic-age comeback, my current passion has become bringing personal stories to life in movie format. I own and operate all aspects of SunStory Video and produce multimedia movies—visual stories layered with narrative, images, sound, and music. Each one is uniquely crafted and edited to deliver a movie with emotional impact.

The Process

Whatever format a video story may take, the process of development is an internal one. I closely collaborate with each person I work with and our method is one of discovery. It involves sifting through photos, memories, letters, documents or other keepsakes, and sometimes researching historical background to produce an integrated and authentic personal profile. As a project unfolds, it becomes a life passage that often brings an inner sense of closure and completion. As facilitator, I get to know those I work with from the inside out and feel enriched by participating in their personal healing journeys.

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